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The past, the present, and the future of the human civilization have been packed onto its pages.
This priceless pearl of the primordial knowledge removes the cloak from all mysteries of the material world.
The Primordial Knowledge about life and death, about the nature of soul, and the essence of human sojourn on Earth. The Knowledge not in the sense of «property» or «one’s own l conclusion», but as of Wisdom from above, that passes through centuries. The wisdom like an Open Gate for entering into that wonderful higher state of spirituality,
through which the insight comes from the One Who created everything. The Wisdom that always was, is, and will be, even when the memory of its human conductors will vanish in the dust of ages.
This is the book which spiritually transforms everyone who touches it…
which opens a way to true Freedom and spiritual liberation.

Download the book «AllatRa» for free

Cry of an Angel Clad in Clothes…

Download the book «AllatRa» for free

Topics covered in the book «AllatRa»

Soul – the most valuable in Man

Sacred Knowledge of the Soul. First published a photo of the Soul

Sensations in science

Physics, psychology, sociology, medicine, archeology, history, ethnography

What happens after the death of the body?

What is behind the concept of “God’s judgment”

What is hidden behind super powers

Sorcerers, magicians, healers, psychics – what price they pay for temporary skills

Ancient Spiritual Practices and Meditations

Necessary tools for working on yourself

The universe

Multidimensionality of the Universe, parallel worlds, 72 dimensions of the global Universe

What unites all religions?

Given the keys to understanding the essence of all religions of the world

Human energy structure in various dimensions

Four Essences of the human being

The meaning of the spiritual development of man

How to find true immortality. On the importance of working on yourself. The essence of the spiritual liberation of man

Society of the future – without politicians and priests

Specific steps to create a new society “Golden Age”

Sacral signs and symbols

Creative and destructive signs – everyone should know them! How signs and symbols affect society

Ancient parables

Wise parables about the meaning of life, about the search for a man the Way to God. About those who came to Him…

Global Animal Mind System

Who is the Devil, Satan, and Veliar? How to get out from under the influence of the System of all civilization

Atypical behavior of children

Necessary knowledge for parents. Indigo children – a gift or punishment?

Holy Grail

What is the Grail really? Why the Grail was searched by all the tyrants of this world, but they never found it. The Holy Grail is already in the world

Dialogue with God

Life Saving Practice. What unites all people

Download the book «AllatRa» for free

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